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DJ Flow - Heavy!!! - 7" Black Vinyl

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A DJ Named Flow - Heavy!!! - 7" Vinyl

Battle Ave - At The Ave Records

7" edit of HEAVY!!! Instrumental Version of Warriorz & skipless scratch tools

Chris Santos is a DJ named FLOW. With the follow up to KINGSHIT EP, DJ FLOW aka Chris Santos returns with a brand new batch of original breaks & beats. This project is packed with funky samples, sinister loops & heavy drums designed for the listener to get into Battle mode on the floor, behind the decks or even in the booth.

This project looks to define the name FLOW and what it represents. With battling, drumming & digging in the crates being at the foundation of his upbringing, the sounds on this EP are a direct reflection of that spirit. “The hypest battles were over the hardest, darkest beats. Heavy drums and sinister loops were the key to the every great battle in hip-hop. You had to have the right shit on deck and drop it at the right time”

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