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Battle Ave - At The Ave 3 - Battle Ave x Serato 12" Pink Control Vinyl (SMF Edition)

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This is the 3rd and FINAL At The Ave Breaks record series!

"At The Ave 3" Control Vinyl presented by Battle Ave, SMF, and Serato will include:

- 2 Pink SMF / Battle Ave / Serato branded Pink Vinyl
- 4 Exclusive Music Download Cards
- Limited quantity

$40.00 USD 
(limited quantity pressing)

Full list of Producers:
At The Ave 3 
Excess, Flow, Mister Remix, Rockwell, Revise, Antriks, Flow, Onedr, and CrippNipp

Raisin Heads
Dstrukt, Vinroc, Cutso, IFTW, SmoovGroovs, Shea, Rcade and RRS Feed (Raichous, Roza, Shred One)

Cut and Paste Records
Symatic and Darcy D

At The Ave Records
Flow & Mani Draper, Onedr, & Excess

Artwork by Onedr

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