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Battle Ave - At The Ave Breaks 5 - 12" Black Vinyl - Sale!

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Battle Ave returns with the 5th installment of their battle break record series,"At The Ave Breaks". In partnership with Glowtronics, Mega DJ Center, and HHV.De, ATA 5 features production from the 2019 Cut2Cut Worlds Champions, DJ Jose Rodriguez and DJ Delightfull.

Side A - 15 Skipless battles breaks arranged by Jose Rodriguez
Side B - A full length EP produced by DJ Delightfull, Starteras, Chrisfader, Duzz Down San,
Testa, and X-Team.

Mastered by DJ FlipFlop + Swiftstyle
Cut by Tom Haunstein (Studio //T.E.S.S.) Leipzig, Germany
Executive Produced by Battle Ave Records

Best Regards and thank you for your patience!

New Release via Mega DJ Center (Front Cover) + HHV Records (Back Cover)

"At The Ave Breaks 5" Skipless Scratch  + Turntable Music EP

 Produced by Jose Rodriguez + DJ Delightfull

Arranged by Swiftstyle Mastered by FlipFlop + Tom Haunstein Technical advice by Symatic of Cut & Paste Records

Artwork by Backwood Onedr

Sponsored by Glowtronics, Mega DJ Center, and HHV Records Released by Battle Ave Records



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