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CoolorCaps Colored Faders

$ 5.00

White w/ Black Line
Grey w/ Black Line
Grey w/ White Line
Red w/ Black Line
Red w/ White Line
Light Blue w/ Black Line
Light Blue w/ White Line
Dark Blue w/ White Line
Yellow w/ Black Line
Yellow w/ White Line
Purple w/ Black Line
Purple w/ White Line
Orange w/ Black Line
Orange w/ White Line
Hot Pink
Green w/ White Line
Teal w/ Black Line
Teal w/ White Line

Product Details

Coolorcaps products are available for a wide range of mixers and control boards.Their "Scratchcaps" Hard plastic faders are designed for the scratch enthusiast also offered in a rubber coating as well. All knobs and encoders are rubber coated for a comfortable feel. Have fun customizing

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