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Cut & Paste Records - Cadence With Rhythm & Flow 12" Black Vinyl (CNP001)

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Cut & Paste Records

Cadence with Rhythm and Flow (CNP001) - No Jacket Cover

Cadence With Rhythm & Flow is a new tool for scratch dj's.

Each side has 10 tracks of vocal samples, configured for skip-proof scratching, just drop the needle and cut away!

Every track is aligned with the next, so you can easily jump from one track to the other and never miss a beat.

Side A is configured at 133 BPM for ultrapitch turntables.

Side B is configured at 83 BPM for regular turntables.

All the samples are straight from their original source for maximum quality, and on top of that, we've had the whole thing mastered and pressed by one of the best vinyl pressing plants in the world!

This record is perfect for practice in the studio or for live performances - as it's skip-proof you don't have to worry about the needle flying away if you're playing on a wobbly table.
And if you're battling other DJs make sure you reach for this wax! It's full of original vocal samples you can use to decimate your opponent!


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