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Cut & Paste Records - Zarecord 3 - 7" Black Vinyl (CNP031)

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 7” CNP031 “Zarecord 3” by NMCP

The 6th installment of the world-renowned classic scratch tool series, Zarecord 3 7” takes the vocals from it's 12” parent-project and remixes them with portable turntable users in mind.
NMCP's avant-garde instrumental beats have long been a driving force behind the worldwide scratch scene, with their chest-rattling Polyvox basslines, stripped down elemental funk, and infectious drum patterns providing the framework for battles, performances and friendly meet-ups since the first Zalooper dropped back in 2013.
The link between NMCP and Cut & Paste Records was established through the shared passion for cutting records to disc on mastering lathes, and cutting sounds up on turntables. Since then, we've toured and performed together in the UK, Germany, Belarus and their native Russia, constantly researching ways to develop the vinyl record as a musical performance tool.
Zarecord 1 and 2 brought raw attitude and fresh sound palettes with their skipless vocal samples, and re-imagined what a scratch record could offer by including full-length instrumentals instead of the more “traditional” sparse beat loops lifted from other records. With Zarecord 3, the concept is flipped once more with the NMCP crew delving into their archives and supplying original parts of some of their classic beats in a pioneering format.
Both sides of Zarecord 3 7” are packed with vocal samples, arranged in a way to make it easy to find the right sound, with longer sounds on the outside, and the loops packing more syllables as you progress to the center of the record. On the end of both sides there are 2 lock grooves – an infinite drum loop which can be used to cut with or simply as a break to practice to, and an infinite Shepherd Tone that seems to endlessly drop or rise in pitch.
This record is dedicated to the memory of the artist who created the iconic imagery for the Zarecord series: 8D. The cover for Zarecord 3 was originally a painting by 8D, and we worked closely with him to adapt the piece into a record sleeve design carrying all the mystery and magic of the original. The Spot-Gloss finish makes the cover art jump right out and appears to change with the light.

Cut & Paste Records 7" and 12" vinyl arrive without shrink wrap or plastic polybags as we are trying to do our bit to keep the planet in good shape and we've had feedback that shrink wrap can also warp records and sleeves. 

Side A:
Skipless Vocal Samples Lock Groove Drum loop Lock Groove Dhepherd Tone
Side B:
Skipless Vocal Samples Lock Groove Drum loop Lock Groove Dhepherd Tone


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