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Decksaver DS-PC-SL1200

$ 89.99

Product Details

Also fit PLX-1000 and Mixers LTA-ST

Smoked/Clear dust cover designed specifically for the Technics TT1200/1210. The cover fits securely around the controller ensuring its sexy design is not hidden. 

Our mission is to produce products of superiority, that serve a function and ultimately give you piece of mind. Clubs and bars the world over rely on our products to protect their equipment investments.

We started in 2008 knowing that there was a void in protection for DJ equipment. The club environment can be harsh, with smoke, dust and sticky liquids being daily hazards for club owners and DJs to keep in check. Decksaver ™ covers are specifically designed to keep your equipment investments safe and sound.


Our covers are tailor-made to exacting standards to fit specific DJ equipment like a glove. Rather than using cheaper inferior plastics, each cover is manufactured from Polycarbonate - a very hardwearing plastic used in bullet proof glass. The use of Polycarbonate means that thinner material can be used, making for discrete, strong yet attractive protection for your equipment.


There are inevitably imitations of our products produced under different brands which we are very humbled by. However there is the unquestionable fact that there is no alternative for quality.  Decksaver ™ is designed, engineered and manufactured in the United Kingdom using our knowledge of over 40 years in plastics design and the latest innovations in engineering technology.


  Decksaver ™ – “Protecting DJ Gear”

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