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Denon DJ BU-4500 - CD and MP3 Player Unit for the DN-HD2500 Controller or DN-D4500 CD and MP3 Player

$ 250.00

Product Details

The Denon BU-4500 CD and MP3 Player Unit is simply a dual CD player deck with MP3 capability. The BU-4500 is the perfect companion for the DN-HD2500 media player controller, or as a spare deck for the DN-D4500 dual CD player system. The deck delivers all the key features to keep up with a professional DJs needs. Among some of these features are CD and MP3 support, MP3 hot starts, seamless looping capability, auto BPM counter, wide pitch ranges and much more.

CD/MP3 Drive Unit compatible with the DN-HD2500
Key Adjust/Master Tempo (CD or MP3)
MP3 Hot Starts & Seamless Looping Capability
Cue Stutter (CD or MP3)
CD Text Support
ID3 Tag Support
Auto BPM Counter
Wider Pitch Ranges (CD +/- 24/50/100%)
Fader Start Compatible

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