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DJ Woody feat. Ball-Zee - Box Cutter Mini 7” Black Vinyl

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DJ Woody teams up with the incredible champion beatboxer Ball-Zee to create the ‘Box Cutter Mini’ 7”. Made up of 100% original new sounds, this record contains skip-proof vocal phrases, noises, sound effects and beatbox drums perfect for scratching or beat-juggling.

Side A is programmed at 133.33 bpm and contains 7 skip-proof loops, 4 phrases con- taining vocals and effects and 3 drumming phrases.
Side B is programmed at 100 bpm and follows the same format but with 7 different phrases. Each side ends with a lock groove. 2 copies are a must for the 7” jugglers!
• 100% original sounds and phrases
• Perfect for portablist scratch jams, drumming, beat juggling and production • 14 skip-proof loops
• 2 lock grooves
• Super loud and deep pressing on black vinyl

September 2020

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