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DJ Woody feat. Ball-Zee - Box Cutter 12" Black Vinyl

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(*2 copies recommended for all jugglers!*)

DJ Woody teams up with the incredible champion beatboxer Ball-Zee to drop one of the most original and useful new scratch records on the market! Box Cutter is made up of 100% original recordings with Woody utilising the phenomenal vocal dexterity of the UK’s Ball-Zee to create an arsenal of incredible new scratch sounds.

Side A (the ‘Scratch Side’) concentrates on vocal phrases, noises, sound effects and
tones with 16 skip proof loops programmed at 133bpm and 100 bpm and ends with a lockgroove bass tone phrase.

Side B (the ‘Drum Side’) contains a remarkable array of drum rhythms and sounds perfect for all manner of scratch drumming, beat juggling and production! It features 11
skip-proof grooves and phrases at 66.66bpm, 133.33bpm, 100bpm and 83.33bpm as well as 3 ridiculous freestyle tracks for more intricate juggle routines.

• 100% original sounds and phrases
• Perfect for scratch jams, drumming, beat juggling and production
• 27 skip-proof loops, 2 lock grooves and 3 freestyles
• Super loud and deep pressing on black vinyl

MAY 2020

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