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DJ Woody - FLEXIN HARD 3 12" Orange Vinyl

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DJ Woody presents Flexin Hard 3, the perfect 12” for any scratch jam or practice session!
This 12” containing of all the scratch samples from Flexicuts 5 and 6 (Woody’s innovative 7” flexi-disc scratch record series) plus some dope added extras.

Side A is programmed at 100 bpm and contains 9 skip-proof scratch phrases plus full
scratch sentence and 1 lock groove tone.

Side B is programmed at 83.33 bpm and follows the same format with another 9 unique skip-proof phrases, full scratch sentence and 1 lock groove tone.

Perfect for jamming, practice and battle routines

• Original vocal phrases and scratch sounds

• 20 skip-proof loops, full sentences and 2 lockgroove tones

• Super loud and deep pressing on ORANGE vinyl

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