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Federation Sound Chronixx Inna Madhouse Style 7” Serato Green Vinyl (Pair)

$ 39.00

Product Details


  • Features 2-Tracks with Chronixx
  • For Serato DJ and Scratch Live DJs
  • Serato's NoiseMap Control Tone
  • NoiseMap Remastered 6 dB Louder
  • Performance Series
  • Every Record is Unique
  • Control Digital Files via Analog Record


The green 7" Federation Sound x Serato Control Vinyl is a double vinyl record set with two tracks from Federation Sound and reggae superstar Chronixx, and control vinyl with NoiseMap for analog record–style control of digital files for DJs and turntablists in clubs, battles, and special events. Disc1 Side A features the track Spirulina (Inna Madhouse Style), previously only heard on the Federation Sound Mixtape Roots & Chalice released in 2016, while Disc2 Side A features the super exclusive acapella of Spirulina. Disc1 and Disc2 B sides offer the NoiseMap Control Tone for use with Serato DJ and Scratch Live, which has been remastered 6 dB louder than previous pressings, ensuring precise tracking and better vinyl wear.


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  • Brand: Serato