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Jesse Dean - JDDX2RS-A Contactless Fader For Numark PT01 Scratch

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The JDDX2RS-A PT01SCRATCH Scratch Fader is a creation of Jesse Dean Designs. This Fader is a direct replacement for the factory switch. It’s dual rail slide contact-less element gives it durability for an aggressive environment. This long-lasting fader has no audio bleed thanks to its magnetic sensors
and circuitry. There is virtually no cleaning needed with this contact-less element. Here are the main features of the JDDX2RS-A Pt01Scratch Fader:

  • Magnetic Sensor Contact-less Circuitry
  • Two Side Cut-in Adjustment
  • Dual Rail Slider for Stability and Smooth Action
  • Full Size Fader Knob (COOLOR CAPS), Feels Like a Full Size
  • Mixer when Scratching. Easy Installation with No Soldering Required!

Using highest quality components and relentless testing, we designed this Fader for the Artist that requires the best from their gear. We feel that this Fader will keep the artist innovating and excelling in their art form. 

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3 x 2 x 1 in

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