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Odyssey FZBM10W Flight Zone 10" Mixer Battle Mode Turntable Coffin with Wheels

$ 249.99

Product Details

The Odyssey Innovative Design FZBM10W Flight Zone Battle Mode 10" Mixer Turntable Coffin with Wheels is a black ATA case made of ABS plastic laminate over 3/8" plywood, designed to ship, carry and protect DJ equipment. The case features 90° padded turntable wells (sideways - a.k.a. battle mode). The case has three gear wells that will hold two turntables and one 10" mixer. The case has steel hardware and chrome-plated butterfly latches. It also has steel corners, aluminum edging and rubber feet. Transported by recessed, spring-loaded handles and two built-in polyurethane wheels. It has a center solid aluminum slide-out access panel for the mixer.


Features & Specifications:

  • a valley or pit that allows for more ventilation of the gear
  • an area for cables management
  • Removable front mixer cover and rear cable port
  • Mixer and turntable ventilation pits


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