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Ortofon OM S-120 Single Cartridge

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The new Ortofon/Serato S-120 is the world s first cartridge that employs a new technology known as Asymmetric Suspension, for which Ortofon has a patent pending. Unlike other cartridges, this new technology makes it possible for DJs to use an exceedingly wide range of tracking force between 1.5 to 10 grams - without any difference in sound reproduction.


Not only can DJs use this cartridge at extremely low tracking forces to virtually eliminate record wear when playing vinyl rarities, but the tracking force can also be increased all the way up to as much as 10 grams to provide extreme groove handling ability for even the most demanding and vigorous scratch performance.


Additionally, the S-120 cartridge is engineered to work perfectly with both Serato SL1 and SL3 interfaces, providing a strong 10.0 mV output and greatly reducing setup and calibration requirements. Ortofon s Asymmetric Suspension, found exclusively in the S-120, allows the diamond to more effectively trace the groove than any other DJ cartridge, reproducing a level of sound quality formerly only reserved for far more delicate HiFi cartridges.


  • Newly created Asymmetric Suspension provides virtually unskippable performance for scratch & back-cueing
  • Specifically created for use with Serato Scratch Live
  • Features extra low wear spherical stylus assembly
  • 10mV signal output for optimum signal levels within Serato Scratch Live
  • Introduces a new level of sound quality for traditional vinyl playback

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