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Ortofon OM Scratch White

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Product Details

Ortofon OM Scratch White Single Cartridge


• Spherical stylus minimizes scratching

• Increased tracking ability

• Reinforced rubber suspension

High output and maximum scratch performance!

Single Vs. Pre-mounted

Ortofon's OM Series of DJ cartridges are available in two versions: Single or Pre-mounted.

The single version is just the cartridge and does NOT include a headshell.

The pre-mounted version includes a headshell and the cartridge is already mounted to it for easy installation.

Features & details

  • DJ cartridge designed for scratching
  • Spherical stylus optimized for scratching
  • Tracking force at 4.0 g (40 mN)
  • High output and maximum scratch performance
  • For mounting on headshell


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