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Oslo Flow / Alx Plato - Space Vape 12" Black Vinyl (CNP028)

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12” CNP028 “Space Vape” by Oslo Flow / Alx Plato

Get down with the real deal.
Oslo Flow are a crew of three scratch DJs and producers: Blam, Plato and Android. Space Vape is the second 12 inch scratch tool and series of astounding instrumental beats & tracks released by Alx Plato and pressed to plastic by Cut & Paste Records following his previous 12 inch tool Try To Step. Grab your vape as Plato brings you to the depths of undiscovered space where the chill runs deep and the vibrations are universal.
Side A weaves through a multitude of styles that Plato’s developed over the years when he cuts up on the table. There are 5 tracks in total, which play out as excellent instrumentals that have space for a performer to get busy with, these tracks will deliver the full thrust blasting out your speakers in a live performance, or back in the dojo grinding on the cut. The last track is configured as a lock-groove, and after a short intro it will loop forever, perfect for long practice sessions at whatever speed you set your deck to, or as part of a turntable composition.
Side B consists of 12 x 100 BPM vocal skipless scratch sample loops dug and arranged by Plato & Symatic... each loop a balance of authentic grit and simplicity for you to flip while scratching. There are also instrumental loops and drums configured to the same skip-proof grid for turntablists with a musical mind, and the final lock-groove tone is a haunting distorted vocal loop.
Flow is as elusive as the mysteries of the universe, and Plato strives to connect with it again and again. From California to Krakow, with a slew of adventures in between, Plato has brought his best on the cut and on the beats. This disc unleashes many flavours for you to get fresh with sculpting sound. As put by Jazzism once long ago leading to the crew’s moniker, “it’s that Oslo FLOW!”

Audio mastered by soundlord Daniel Perez, photo by NASA, typography and artwork by Deva at Amnesiac Studio.

Pressed at The Vinyl Factory in London

Cut & Paste Records 7" and 12" vinyl arrive without shrink wrap or plastic polybags as we are trying to do our bit to keep the planet in good shape and we've had feedback that shrink wrap can also warp records and sleeves.

Side A:
Track 1: Raining Tea
Track 2: Space Vape
Track 3: Sleep On Ice
Track 4: Sushi Satty
Track 5: Fjern Juletreet (lock groove)

Side B:
Skipless Loops

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