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Raiden Fader VVT-MK1 Off Black/Red Right Handed

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- Compatible with any audio device using 3.5 mm cables. Designed for portable turntables and mobile phone/tablets applications. Unamplified sources, such as phono turntables are compatible with the use of a phono to line convertor.

- Sharp "C" curve (on/off) slope.

- Auxiliary in feature allows for constant audio from a different device/source to be played simultaneously through the fader, not affected by fader. Perfect for background audio/loopers.

- Assembled in USA


- VVT-MK1 Portable Fader (1)

- 3.5 mm male to male flat audio cable (1)

- Adhesive backed hook and loop fastener strip (1)

- Corded carrying pouch (1)

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