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The Skratchlords - Path of Least Resistance 12" Red Vinyl (CNP015)

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12" Vinyl - The Skratchlords - "Path of Least Resistance" Show Vinyl

(CNP015) Deep Red Repress

Here come the LORDS!!!

The Skratchlords have been performing as crew for just over 2 years now. These DJ’s have a well earned reputation for pushing the boundaries of scratch music. Risk taking in their freestyle performances as a crew brings about an energy that cannot be rehearsed for... it is only made possible by their collective experience working together and individually.

2017 saw the Scratchblast tour across the U.K. kick off with a hoard of talented turntable musicians. Jimmy The Hideous Penguin & Djackulate performed the “Janes Cumin Home Soon” EP which brought together a mix of electronic beats, chopped breaks and dirty cuts using snippets of audio from a huge pallet of sounds ranging from traditional Irish music to Comedy records bought in local record shops on the day of the performance. This journey laid the groundwork for the Path of Least Resistance tour and show vinyl.

Like any weapon you might forge for a battle, it’s crafted with the finest of materials. Symatic collaborated with The Vinyl Factory's etch-artist Leighton Harris to design a unique etching that surrounds the playable tracks on the record. One side is essentially a 10” record cut onto a 12” disk, with the etching filling out the dead-space. What's more – the design actually lines up with the sounds on the record. (See image below)

Side A is ultrapitch ready, put together with 133 BPM loops. There are 9 deadly vocal laden scratch loops, followed by a section of scratchy goodies with hidden nuggets all over. A drum track and synth bass tone with a lock groove make this more than a battle weapon, but a musical tool as well.

Side B has been edited at 166 BPM to work best at regular speed on a turntable. It kicks off with 5 scratch loops, followed by punchy drum loops taken from the “Janes Cumin Home Soon” EP. Next comes a section of samples to get creative with: guitars, horror-film screams, comical interludes, with no shortage of excellent scratch material.

The end of this side has a collection of lock-groove tones to get down and dirty with. This record has been years in the making, with many international SKRATCHLORDS affilliates contributing sounds and ideas.


Side B: 166 BPM SKIPLESS SCRATCH SAMPLES (Regular pitch)

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