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DJ SWAMP - Wearin' My Mask (12") with Hologram Cover

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Limited 12" DJ SWAMP record "Wearin' My Mask" with lenticular/holographic cover. 

Scratch Tool Deluxe Version

This 12" vinyl is a must-have for portablist collections.

Side A

  1. Wearin My Mask
  2. Blood Eclipse
  3. Skip-Proof Scratch Tool (F U ALL)
  4. Skip-Proof (AAHH YES) Scratch Tool
  5. Skip-Proof Scratch Tool (NAAHH NO)
  6. Skip-Proof Scratch Tool (808 Bass)
  7. Skip-Proof Scratch Tool White Noise Snare)
  8. Skip-Proof Scratch Tool Infinite AAHH

Side B

  1. God In Drag
  2. Last Testament
  3. Skip-Proof Scratch Tool ((I Am The Best)
  4. Skip-Prod Scratch Tool (F OFF B)
  5. Warlock Groovas (7 Locked Groove Beats Beats and 1 Witch House Tone, 1 Guitar Tone and 1 TB303 Loop)

+ Limited edition 12” cover features lenticular/holographic artwork.

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