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Modusoperandi - Endless 12" Black Vinyl (CNP023)

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12” CNP023 “Endless” by Modusoperandi

“As advertised, we’re going to be introducing in just a moment one of the top jazz groups in the whole world, they play all around the whole world too...“

Redmist, DJ Perez, Fso & Gozt are Modusoperandi and “Endless” is their debut studio album. Performed live on the Chilean S-Word Community Skratch Music Tour in January 2020, at the height of the ongoing Chilean revolution, the album was fuelled by the collective energy that has been steadily building throughout the country.

“When do you get a chance to practice? I don’t get a chance to practice. That’s a serious sacrifice.”

Modusoperandi's mentality is that of a jazz band which performs using turntables as the primary instrument. Passion is always high, and time is always short... each take is the real raw deal. Every member of the band is involved in numerous groups and projects, and a diverse range of styles and influences are found meshed together in these wondrous and inspirational tracks.

The skratch composition tool “Phonosophy” (CNP021) was released by Modusoperandi in late 2019, and Endless was conceived using this scratch tool as an essential component of the creative process. The A side of this album was recorded in Berlin just before the 2019 Community Skratch Games in Galway where the band’s performance of these first five tracks were the absolute highlight of CSG that year.

The A side tracks are Cantina, Marienfelde, Never say the S-Word, Blue Dooms and Absurdo. They take the listener deep down the rabbit hole that is turntablism and jazz fused together by four of the strongest established turntable musicians that perform today. The B side tracks are Oldish, Endless, Jungle and Malditos. They explore fresh directions based on previously explored ideas... an eternal loop in perfect balance, a constant changing landscape of rhythmic ideas expressed in brass, stuttered drums and waveforms cut under a stylus. The B side was recorded in Santiago, Chile just before the S-Word Community Skratch Music Tour kicked off. Mastered by D. Perez, art by Fso.

Side A:
1: Cantina
2: Marienfelde
3: Never Say The S-Word
4: Blue Dooms
5: Absurdo

Side B:
1: Oldish
2: Endless
3: Jungle
4: Malditos

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