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The Skratchlords - Path of Least Resistance 7" Deep Red Vinyl (CNP019)

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7" Vinyl - The Skratchlords - Path of Least Resistance 7" Deep Red (CNP019)

The Skratchlords are Djackulate, Symatic, Jimmy P and DJ Manipulate and they are known across the universe for cold kickin’ ass on the decks. This is their “Path Of Least Resistance” 7” show vinyl.

In classic Cut & Paste Records style, this 7” version of “Path Of Least Resistance” takes audio from the original 12” and rearranges it for use on Portable Turntables. Each side has the same layout of 7 skratch loops to give you a simple format that encourages free creative flow with minimal thinking required when looking for samples. There are 4 vocal acapella loops, a drum loop and a locked groove synth tone on each side. All loops are skip-proof and arranged at 83.33 BPM so you can get busy rocking cuts on a regular speed or ultra pitch turntable set up.

With a shorter run time due to the Skratchlord circular etching appearing on both sides of this record, selecting the deadliest loops was a crucial step in the production process. Working with the Etchlord Leighton Harris at The Vinyl Factory allowed us to line the image up so that the letters match the audio location. An etched Skratchlord sample map and cue point marker all at once around the outer edge, with 10 samurai warriors positioned as cue points on the inner edge.

Aggressive and raw is the undisputed vibe of The Skratchlords record. Keep your ears open for hidden samples to switch things up when makin’ mad noize with this record!

Side A:

Side B:

Artist Name: The Skratchlords
Title: “Path Of Least Resistance (7 inch)”
Label Name: Cut & Paste Records
Cat. Number: CNP019

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