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Bihari - Cobra Breaks 7” Black Vinyl

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Enter the Action-Scratch Game

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Cobra Breaks 7" is the most badass action scratch record of all time. Doesn't metter where you are the sunglasses and match are always in style! Actions speak louder than words and Cobra Breaks is all about the action! The best lines ever to come from the lips onto a skipless scratch record. We recorded each line in a studio to make this record really unique.


Sida A
Scratchin' is a disease. Cut it up!
Meet the cure. Cobretti. The Wild Style.
Clean up yo' act! Ahhhhh! Get ready!
I think this time I waste you
What's your problemas ese?
Enough of this bullshit! Fresh!

Sida B
This is where the law stops... sucker!
Skratchin'... and I start... sucker!
You're a disease and I'm the cure
What is, pinché??? Ahhhhh!
I ain't no psycho.. I'm a hero!
Chinga tua madre pinche joto!

Color: Black vinyl
pressed by Vinyl Factory
artwork made by Ottyag

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