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DJ Flipflop - Cut Communication 7" Black Vinyl

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The first record of the "Cut Communication" series to come!

+Side I - 7 Skipless Scratch Sample Phrases - 100 BPM

1) Bring The Funk Like AHHH
2) Gettin' Fr Fr Fr Fresh FRESH
3) Freak It With The Cut Hey UGH
4) Freak It WIth The Scratchin' Hood HOOD
5) You Want Some Real Dope Scratchin' UGH
6) Cut Right There What YEAH
7) 3,2,1, Time To FRESHHH

+Side II - 2 Scratch Beats & 2 Skipless Drum Sentences

1) Cut Dialogue
2) Grimey Grammar
3) Drum Talk I
4) Drum Talk II

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