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KIREEK - Skratch 7" Vinyl Battle Breaks

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Turning unit "KIREEK" representing Japan that achieved the accomplishment of the 5th successive DMC World Champ. About 10 years from the 12inch battle breaks released in 2007 ... "KIREEK BREAKS" about 10 years ... A long-awaited new battle tool is released in the 7inch format looking at the portablist scene! The title is skillful "Skratch"! Its contents that will receive attention not only from domestic but also from abroad ... On the A side of Skratch Side, "Ah Yeah" & "Ahhhh" classic scratch combo recorded as Skypless specification with the standard! Specification of the revolutionary threat (lol) that this 2 nibbles are reproduced even if dropping the needle to some place except the end part. It is possible to keep scratching almost without problems even if you fly intense needles! ! Also included on the end is a single beat with Never Ending specification that continues to loop forever. Plant Side's B side contains six Skipless scratch grooves. It also contains base tones of Never Ending specifications that can be used with balanced editing of words, drums, SE, etc.! DJ YASA and DJ HI - C 's career and sense has become one piece to shine! Let's Skratch gathering with friends! ! ! !

A long-awaited new battle break by the turntable unit "KIREEK" by DJ YASA and DJ HI-C is a 7 inch scratch tool looking at the portab list scene!

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1. Golden Skratch LOOP
2. “ONE” LOOP (1LOOP Forever)


1. Get Peace!!! Say Wah!!!
2. Don’t Stop HIP HOP!!!!!
3. Dawn Loop
4. Fighting Player
5. Public Energy
6. LLcooLoop
7. On the Bass (1LOOP Forever)

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