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Nick Nack Soundcraftsman Vol. 1 12" Scratch Vinyl

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'Soundcraftsman' is a scratch tool for the turntable musician. It features some of the most innovative ideas to hit the world of turntablism. Far from your ordinary scratch record with 4-5 beats and only 2 minutes of scratch phrases, this revolutionary turntable tool is jam packed full of usable scratches, drums, vocal phrases and a completely unique series of notes, scales and chords. It will certainly change how the turntable is manipulated and perceived by the outside world. Welcome to the beginning of a new and exciting era in turntable music.

First off, 'Soundcraftsman' allows DJs to easily play almost any melody. There are 6 instruments that feature note improvisation based on scales and each track is organized by key signature. This means that any notes you play will work with fellow musicians or songs, if you are in the right key.

Plenty traditional scratches such as csshh, fresh, drums and vocal phrases are available. All of the traditional scratches and drums are skipless and the CDJ version even has 22 loopable bonus beats for you to scratch over!

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