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Nick Nack - Soundcraftsman Vol. 3 12" Vinyl

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This is the 3rd release in the Soundcraftsman series. The philosophy of which is to provide tools that scratch musicians, turntablists and producers will all find useful. You will find a wide variety of high quality, unique sounds that include staples such as ahh and fresh as well as everything you’ll need to construct entire songs.


Both versions of this record are JAM packed with everything from eerie synths chords to skipless vocal phrases that you’ve never heard before. There are guitar leads, flute, violin, bass, drums, effects, horns, keys and many more sounds in a variety of styles, tones and keys. There are plenty of skipless drums and scratches that are intuitively laid out so that there will be nothing between you and creativity.

The A Side is designed for use on a normal Technics turntable (or anything with a +/-8 pitch range) while the B Side is designed for turntables that have ultra pitch control such as the Vestax PDX, Numark TTX, Pioneer PLX, etc… The idea is that when you pitch down the platter will move very slow, giving you more control, while the samples sound normal.

The record itself is a unique color in color design (clear yellow with a black inlay). And the cover art is inspired by Dieter Rams. His philosophies were adhered to in the recording, design and manufacturing processes. The outcome of which is a tool that is innovative, useful, aesthetic and thorough down to the last detail.


12” - A Side (100BPM) / B Side (133BPM)

Each side has...

  1. Chords (15 unique)
  2. Leads (12 unique)
  3. Bass (9 unique)
  4. Skipless Drums (4 tracks)
  5. Skipless Scratches (15 tracks)

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