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Jay DeLarge - Portable Melodies Vol. 2 7" Yellow Vinyl - Limited Edition Package

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This set is limited to 100 pieces and comes in a handprinted cotton bag.
It includes the record Portable Melodies Vol.2 on vinyl
as well as a USB memory stick with the Portbale Melodies Logo on it.
On this stick you get the following digital content:
- Portable Melodies Vol. 1
- Portable Melodies Vol. 1.5
- Portable Melodies Vol. 2
- Portable Melodies Vol 2 - Exclusive Bonus Sounds
- Portable Melodies Beats (in the same key as the record)
- Tears Of The Rising Sun (my first solo album)
- Hiidzurukuni – Land Of The Rising Sun 2012-2014 (Japan Beat Tape 1)
- Hiidzurukuni – Land Of The Rising Sun 2015-2018 (Japan Beat Tape 2)

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