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Raisin Heads X Neil Armstrong Remixes 7" Pink Vinyl

$ 15.00

Product Details

NYC turntable master, mixtape artist and former tour DJ for Jay-Z, Neil Armstrong, comes through with his first-ever vinyl offering for DJs and general wax enthusiasts alike through NYC-based Raisin Heads Music. Staying true to his reputation of being one of the smoothest in the game, selection AND execution-wise, his vinyl debut boasts two soulful classics, flipped in true Neil Armstrong fashion.

Side A (which you might remember as the intro to his classic Bittersweet mixtape) matches up Stevie Wonder's classic "My Cherie Amor" over The Clipse's "Grindin'" instrumental and MC Shan's "The Bridge" ever-famous opening drum roll.

Side B is a flip of The Weeknd and Daft Punk's hit, "I
Feel It Coming" over the haunting instrumental of Michael Jackson's "Human Nature", which has to be heard to believed. Both together in one package serves as a very fitting vinyl debut from the All Out King himself.

*varied vinyl patterns should be expected and are selected at random for purchase

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