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Super Seal Breaks Japan Edition 12” Highlighter Yellow Vinyl

$ 35.00

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This is the third run of STOKYO-produced MADE IN JAPAN Super Seals. These are in HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW.

If you picked up the Super Seal Japan 2019 Edition (Fall 2019), those weighed in roughly at 140g. This latest edition weighs in 20 grams lighter at approximately 120g!

Our goal at STOKYO is to make the best possible vinyl for professional DJs. STOKYO has been developing performance vinyl for the last 10 years, advancing and pushing the art of pressing. With new engineering techniques, machinery and technology, we bring you our best high-performance vinyl yet, STOKYO "thin press" Super Seal.

Thinner, faster, lighter and flatter for stability and control are all part of our passion to deliver the best original performance vinyl!

SUPER SEAL BREAKS is the most popular title among battle breaks / scratch tools. Since the original version was released in 2000, produced by DJ QBert,  It's been a classic scratch title used by many DJs. Side A has 12 skip-proof sections. The classics like "Ahhhh" and"Fresh" are all included. Also, well known by many battles and commonly used for beats to cut with are the classic 4 beats on Side B. 

Whether a rookie on the cut or a veteran of years, you need to pick up a STOKYO Super Seal for your collection of battle tools!

Quality assured by STOKYO

・Manufactured with quality and guaranteed non warpage 
・Thinner and lighter than normal US pressed vinyl and our 2019 edition
・Perfectly pressed for balanced vinyl
・Pressed on STOKYO's original pressing machines and color
・Printed in Japan/ese Edition jacket and label design

・Reduced skipping feature at the beginning of both sides with a modified lead-in groove

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  • Brand: Stokyo