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The Findings Vol. 1 & 2 LP 12" Vinyl

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"Beat Discovery changes the game" mentioned by a new user of BeatDiscovery, the revolutionary VST software sequencer plugin that lets anyone create amazing beats in seconds. BeatDiscovery Recordings was created to showcase music produced entirely with BeatDiscovery. The Findings Vol. 1 & 2 is the world’s coolest demo record. It was produced by Ruckazoid & Teeko, and showcases them creating 30 beats in 30 minutes. You read that correctly, 30 beats in 30 minutes. It includes a classic voice over intro that explains exactly what BeatDiscovery does. It also includes 15 locked grooves that play endlessly, and comes with a full color, 2-sided insert diagram of each feature on BeatDiscovery + download card.

BeatDiscovery puts the world of rhythm at your fingertips. Just choose a sample pack to load hundreds of patterns and thousands of sounds in one click. Then simply turn a knob to create a new beat, or turn the knob back to recall the previous combination of sounds you discovered. You can change pitch, shift each pattern, and double/half time patterns all with a click, all on the fly. The idea of presets is corny, that’s why BeatDiscovery lets you generate up to trillions of NEW patterns from any loaded pack. This gives you endless usable patterns that stay within the genre of the original sample pack you loaded. No two users will ever get the same results. BeatDiscovery even comes with the World’s First Sample Pack Creator that lets you easily make your own sample packs for personal use, or for sale on  It’s also being used by some of the biggest producers today.

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